A-116 Blue Relax digital scrapbook quick page

A-116 Blue Relax digital scrapbook quick page:
PU, CU, 24H Okay
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This quick page was made with the A-116
“Blue Relax” digital scrapbook kit:


A-093 2020 PDF of Christmas Pennants

A-093 2020 PDF of Christmas Pennants from GrannyEnchanted.Com:

Advent Activity: **Note that there are 28 named pennants. You don’t need them all for this activity.

Option 1—Print the pennants without words so that you have 25 pennants. Print the labels. Each day before Christmas attach a label to a pennant to count down to Christmas.

Option 2—Print the labeled pennants and add one to a garland each day until Christmas.

Information for the labels on these pennants was obtained from BYU.EduComeUntoChrist.Org, and ChurchOfJesusChrist.Org.
A family study of these materials will enrich your Christmas experience this year.

Terms of use: Personal use okay. Commercial Use requires license.



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PU Okay

A-090 Strawberry Coco Striped Digital Scrapbook Alphabet

We’ve created and gathered some freebies for you after being inspired by NeeSees Dresses’ sweater pics. So beautiful!!
Free for a limited time: A-090 CoCo Strawberry Digital Scrapbook Stripe Alphabet:
This digital scrapbook alphabet pack includes 26 upper case letters and 9 numbers in png format.
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Guest Freebies Highlight: Craft A Doodle Doo’s Festive Gift Wrap

Guest Freebies Highlight:

Free digital scrapbook goodies from the Craft A Doodle Doo:

Thank you to Craft A Doodle Doo for these beautiful digital scrapbook downloads. We know our Granny Enchanted fans will love visiting your site.
Visit the Craft A Doodle Doo site for these downloads and their terms of use. You will find the download link to this paper pack at the bottom of the Craft A Doodle Doo post where it says: “DOWNLOAD THE FREE GIFTWRAP PAPERS”


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