A-022p3 Halloween 2018 Digital Scrapbook Elements

Free A-022p3 Halloween 2018 Digital Scrapbook Elements
We’ve gathered some darling Halloween digital scrapbook goodies for you.

This free digital scrapbook element pack includes png files of witch legs/socks, a witch, an enchanted frog, a jack-o-lantern, and a gaggle of ghosts, and one each of a purple star and an orange star.
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Halloween is right around the corner and that means a lot of candy for children. With all that we are discovering about food dyes being harmful to children and how much they effect the behavior of children it’s time to look into a food-dye free alternative for Halloween candy.
 “Artificial food coloring is linked with hyperactivity, allergic reactions, and tumor growth. Because of these measures, many European manufacturers are opting for more natural dyes over the chemical dyes, but here in the U.S. manufacturers are still dumping toxic colorings into processed food.”—holisticsquid.com
My good friend, Heather, was in need of a candy solution for her children, who are very sensitive to food dye. She created that solution with her store DyeFreeTreats.Com. Once you go dye-free, you’ll never go back.
Dye Free Treats
Dye Free Treats