Free Printable PDF Christmas Tags

Crafting is a favorite activity for many people
during the holiday season. It is relaxing fun for the whole family. But during
hectic December, when you are rushing between sending out postcards, buying
holiday presents and preparing Christmas dinner, it can be very stressful.
If you have run out of craft ideas or don’t have
enough time to buy all the necessary supplies, crafting can become
For those times, festive printable labels can
come in handy. With their joyful design, making decorations and gifts can’t get
any easier. Simply download these
free printables, check out the list with ideas below and start crafting:
Add a festive sparkle to your Christmas presents
Simply print these stickers on adhesive paper,
write a personal note, place them on the boxes and decorate your presents in no
Personalize Christmas treats
For this craft you can buy already made
chocolates and candies or make ginger cookies. The idea is to put them in the
colorful bag, write a cheerful note on the label and place it on the bag. This
way you can make personal Christmas treats for your guests.
Add a festive touch to your Christmas tree
All you need for this craft is cardboard, stickers,
and ribbon (rope). Firstly, glue a printable sticker on the cardboard and cut
the cardboard in the shape of the printable. Then pierce the hole on the
cardboard, pull the rope through it and voila – a dashing ornament for your
pine tree is ready.
DIY Colorful festive coasters
Not only can homemade coasters be used as
part of your table decoration or as a festive gift, but they are also easy and
simple craft. After you cut a cork in the shapes you want, place printed labels
on top of them. You can print out the labels on adhesive paper or a plain one,
in which case you will need glue to properly place the label on the cork.
Happy holidays and merry crafting!
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